The essence of poker – the psychology of victory

The poker table reveals the essence of the player. If the table neighbors understand him better than he does, he simply has no one to blame.

And if a player fails to look at himself from the Cara Menang Judi Bola, then he will be weak both in cards and in life “- this is how Anthony Holden, a British writer and poker player described the game of poker.

This is probably the most accurate description. Poker is already it has long ceased to be just a game for money – it’s a struggle of minds and characters, it’s life with its own traditions and laws. Once having got into the poker world, it is impossible to get out of it. So why does it attract a lot of people, what is the essence of poker?

Poker is a vacation

In poker, everyone has their own goals. Someone in the game was just resting, enjoying the winnings, and not particularly regretting the losses. He is not looking for the essence of poker. It is enough for him that this game exists. And he can at any time sit at the online table and escape from worries and problems.

He is fascinated by the electronic sound of dealt cards, excites the excitement of winning and even more – from losing. In addition to poker, such players communicate a lot with their friends and opponents. And this is an integral part of their poker. And having relieved tension in the game, they calmly return to normal life, forgetting about poker for a while.

Poker is a job

In every game, there is always a winner, and, sadly, there is a loser. Therefore, the essence of a poker game can manifest itself in order not to fall into this second category. And for this, you need to be a fan of professional poker.

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