Total control of expenses through a smart card

This transformation allows us to reach the segment of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs),  with a language appropriate to their needs to efficiently manage the cats of organizations and fully integrated into payroll systems, accounting, eliminating manual processes that they represent a major expense, ”he said.

In this environment, companies and each employee can tarjetas inteligentes de gastos an application to make the request for per diem and gasoline vouchers from their mobile device and the authorization can be in real time or scheduled, both for release and return, that is, with an expiration time for it to be spent.

What the company promotes among all its customers is that its employees have a prepaid card totally in zeros, without funds.  Thus, if a worker needs resources for a trip or any other expense, with the mobile application he can make the request for his boss to authorize it, also from his app , and in real time the funds are released on the employee’s card, he stressed .

With the app, users have the possibility to know the details of their movements, georeference businesses and automatically generate tax receipts that validate the use of business resources.

Among the innovations carried out by more than 300 developers and creators of Edenred by 2018 , there is the use of robots with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the collection and validation of invoices before the Tax Administration System (SAT).”We are also in the development of a solution that, with the photograph of the ticket, is able to generate the online invoice of that expense, validate it and empty the information in the accounting systems of the companies,” concluded Alfredo Bernacchi.

Having a charge card, then you can pay as soon as you’ve bought something. Occasionally this can be helpful, but it may also be harmful if you invest more than you’ve. In such scenarios you may collect debts, which will call for monthly payments and interestrates.

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