What are the Poker Series that Every Self-Respecting Player Must Go to at Least Once?

After completing online poker training, you probably wanted to play live. However, an offline tournament is quite expensive. Just imagine, you come to another country, live in a hotel, and from the tournament, you can fly out in a couple of hours. And what to do, how to be?

To avoid this, an offline series was Situs Judi Joker Gaming. Offline series – this is when a number of tournaments are held in one casino in a short time. Sometimes some series in different cities are combined under one logo, and analogs to world cups in various sports are obtained.

Usually, each series includes the main event, a high roller tournament, and a number of so-called side events. So if you fail in one tournament, you can almost immediately enter a new tournament.

So, what are the poker series that every self-respecting player must go to at least once?

WSOP (World Series of Poker) is the world poker championship that every June brings together the best players in the world in Las Vegas, each of whom wants to win a bracelet. And the champion of the main event usually receives the largest poker prizes. We have already written more about this series, so we will probably not repeat ourselves.

WPT (World Poker Tour) – World Poker Tour was created in 2002 and includes a number of series that take place around the world. The WPT includes both very large tournaments, the first prize of which is usually seven-digit, and very small tournaments in exotic countries.

In general, it was because of this illegibility that the WPT champion’s title was significantly lost in price compared to its main competitor, the EPT series, which will be discussed below. WPT Championship is considered the main tournament of WPT, which takes place at the end of May in the famous casino Belaggio in Las Vegas

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