Free Coaching and Allied Scheme for Minority Communities Students

By | December 16, 2016


Free Coaching and Allied Scheme for Minority Communities Students

The scheme aims to empower the minority communities, which are generally hindered segment of their abilities and capacities to make them employable in ventures, administrations society, by helping them and additionally those foundations working for them, towards in-versatility to adjust to the market flow on a persistent premise so that the objective gatherings are not denied of the expert intuition requested by the upgrading and business areas notwithstanding the administration part.It has the built changing/emerging market needs and opportunities for employment at domestic as well as international levels.

Isolate plans for giving honing to understudies having a place with planned position, minority groups and in reverse classes were being actualized from 6th Five Year Plan. These different . plans were amalgamated with impact from September, 2001 into a joined Scheme of Coaching and Allied Assistance for Weaker Sections including Scheduled Castes, Other Backward Classes and Minorities. After making of the Ministry of Minority Affairs, another plan called “Free Coaching and Allied Scheme for applicants having a place with minority groups has been detailed keeping in view the developing patterns of work in the time of monetary changes, advancement and globalization Read More

Application Format (Part-I) Download(33 KB)

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“Minimum Government, Maximum Governance” — Self Declaration/ self certification/ self attestation of documents by the applicants in schemes/ programmes of Ministry Download(856 KB)
Notice Inviting Proposal for Impalement under Free Coaching And Allied Scheme for the year 2015-16 Download(658 KB)

Free Coaching and Allied Scheme for Minority Communities Students Frequently Ask Question (FAQs)


Question 1: Which are the Minority Communities qualified for this Training Scheme?


Answer: Minority Communities told under segment 2(c) of NCM Act, 1992 are qualified for this Scholarship Scheme. They are:- Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and Parsis.


Question 2: Who can apply for free Coaching/Training?


Answer: Students/Candidates having a place with minority groups can apply for free honing/preparing in light of the promotion distributed by the Training Institutes chose under this Scheme.


Question 3: What are the qualification criteria?


Ans: The yearly pay of the understudy/parent or gatekeeper of understudy ought to not surpass Rs.3.00 lakh from all sources and competitors more likely than not secured the essential rate of imprints in the qualifying examination endorsed for induction into the fancied courses/enrollment examinations.


Question 4: What are the courses for which free Coaching/Training is accommodated?


Answer: Free Coaching/Training is given by the Coaching Institutes chose under this Scheme for the accompanying as endorsed by the Ministry of Minority Issues:-


  1. a) Qualifying examinations for confirmation in specialized/proficient courses for example, Engineering, Law, Medical, Management, Information Technology and so on and Language/inclination examinations for looking for admission to Remote Universities.


  1. b) Competitive examinations for enrollment to Group “A” , “B” and “C” administrations and other equal Posts under the Central and State governments including Public Sector Undertakings, Railways, Banks, Insurance agencies and in addition Autonomous Bodies.


  1. c) Coaching/preparing for occupations in the Private Sector, for example, in Airlines, Shipping, Fisheries, Information Technology (IT), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and other IT empowered administrations, Hospitality, Tours and Ventures, Maritime, Food handling, Retail, Sales and Marketing, Biotechnology what’s more, other employment arranged courses according to the rising pattern of work.


Question 5. What are the coaching and training courses normally approve under the scheme?

Answer: The accompanying sorts of Coaching Courses/Training Programs are regularly affirmed under the Scheme:-


  1. i) Coaching for different placement tests for induction into Technical and Proficient Courses, for example, Engineering, Medical, B.Ed, Law, MBA, C.A., Consume fewer calories and so forth.


  1. ii) Coaching for Competitive Examinations led by UPSC/State Public Benefit Commission/SSC/State Subordinate Services/Railways and so on for Govt. employments for Group A, B and C administrations including Civil Services and PCS.


iii) Competitive Examinations for Bank/LIC/Other PSUs for employments in Public Segment.


  1. IV) Training in different fields, for example, IT/ITES including BPO/different PC Courses/Sales and Retail Management, Accounting and so on for occupations in Private Sector.


  1. V) Other specific training which can possibly get work in Govt. alternately Private Sector.


Question 6: How is the Scheme actualized?


Answer: The Scheme is actualized through the Coaching/Training Institutes keep running by the accompanying:-


  1. i) All organizations in the Government Sector, including Universities and Self-ruling Bodies, occupied with Coaching/Training exercises.


  1. ii) Universities/Colleges in Private Sector occupied with Coaching/Training exercises, including Deemed Universities.


  1. IV) Institutes in the Private Sector occupied with Coaching exercises/work arranged Drilling/Training for the situation in Private Sectors, which are a Trusts, Organizations, Partnership Firms, or Societies Registered under the pertinent law, ideally of pertinent industry bodies or Institutes distinguished by them.


Question 7: What is the rate of honing expense and stipend?


Answer: Coaching expense is acceptable to the Coaching/Training Institutes keeping in see the rates winning in the territory for the specific Coaching/Training Program subject to as far as possible as specified underneath. The rate of stipend for neighborhood and outstation applicants are likewise specified against each Instructing/Training Program.

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