Know Your Scholarship Payments Status PFMS – Public Financial Management System

By | December 8, 2017

Check Your Scholarship Payments Status PFMSPublic Financial Management System

Know your Payments Status:-

Payment by Aadhaar Number:

To know your installment points of interest or status, Enter your Aadhaar Number and Word Verification (Enter the letters as they are appeared in the picture (Letters are not case-delicate).


Know Payments by Account Number:

To know your installment subtle elements or status, take the means beneath

Step-1: Enter First Few Characters of Bank Name

Step-2: Enter Account Number

Step-3: Word Verification-Enter the letters as they are appeared in the picture (Letters are not case-delicate).


Q1: Can I make one installment for different recipient sorts?

No, you can just make installment for a solitary Beneficiary sort at once.

Q2: System demonstrates mistake message that Agency Bank record is not mapped with the part while making installment for reason … . By what means should I revise similar?

Contact your organization Administrator to so that he/she can revise the part mapping from MYSCHEME>MANAGE> Select Scheme and alter “Office account conspire segment mapping”.

Q3: Beneficiaries Aadhaar based installment got dismisses by the bank, in what manner would I be able to make Account installment to recipients?

To start with Priority is given to Aadhaar based installment, in the event that the Aadhaar based installment is rejected for the recipient, the Beneficiary is presently naturally accessible just for Account Based Payment.

Q4: How to realize that CPSMS is going to make Aadhaar based installment or Account based installment to the recipients?

Initially, Priority is given to Aadhaar based installment.

Q5: We have transferred recipients with both Aadhaar Number and Account number subtle elements. We need to make account based installment to the recipients as Aadhaar Numbers are not seeded with the records up ’til now. The most effective method to do this?

You cannot, Skip Aadhaar Number and enter Account Number of the recipients.

Q6: I have transferred the recipients alongside Centre Share Payment sum however the sum is not appearing in the start installment screen. What is the purpose behind similar?

Default sum for “Centre” Share in Payment Process Search Screen will supersede the qualities entered against every recipient.

Q7: When should we utilize Excel Upload Option for Initiating Payment to recipients ?

When you have a substantial number (more than 500) recipients for installment and installment to recipients is disparate and you can utilize default sum choice for lion’s share of the recipients.

Q8: From Where would I be able to download Approved List of Beneficiaries for Payment utilizing exceed expectations ?

E-Payment>Download installment data File.

Q9: My Purpose of Purpose for Payment is not obvious. How to include them?

You cannot, Please Contact CPSMS Project Cell at [email protected]

Q10: Where would I be able to get my Unique Agency Code for renaming Payment petition for transfer ?

Organization Code can be taken from an initial segment of Transaction Reference Number or from Agency Profile of Agency Administrator.

Q11: How would I be able to add more recipients to existing Voucher ?

Recipients can be included till the Voucher is not submitted for endorsement.

Q12: Can I make installments to similar recipient again for the same period?

“As a matter, of course, No, nonetheless you can physically abrogate the installment periodicity from Masters>Beneficiary Management> Manage Payment Status Due. You utilize Payment Periodicity to empower/impair installment Status for recipients exclusively and in Bulk “.

Q13: What is Payment Periodicity?

Installment Periodicity is the term of installment made to recipients contingent on the Scheme.

Q14: Where would I be able to check whether installment is expected for a recipient?

You utilize Payment Periodicity check whether installment is expected for a recipient.

Q15: Can I perform DBT exchanges if my ledger is in Cooperative Bank ?

Yes, gave the bank is recorded in Home Page>User Support> Bank Account Validation Time.

Q16: What are the rules for indicating installment period ? How is the installment time frame to be chosen for JSY installments ?

Installment period is chosen according to particular plan rules.

Q17: Can we make installment for future period likewise?

You can make installment for current month-end date.

Q18: What is Scheme Specific ID ?

Special Identifier of External System like MCTS and so on.

Q19: In Step 2 of Initiate Payment, How the choice ‘Take Beneficiary From Earlier Paid List:’ works. What is to be determined in this field ?

You have to enter the “Voucher No.” of an officially paid rundown. Similar recipients that were paid before in before rundown will be accessible for installment in current installment period.

Q20: In Step 2 of Initiate Payment, In the Search Beneficiary criteria, Can I specify numerous Aadhaar Numbers in the inquiry field ?

Yes, Enter Comma Separated Aadhaar Numbers in the hunt field.

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