PFMS Scholarship (Public Financial Management System) : Know Your Scholarship Payment Status

By | August 27, 2016

PFMS Scholarship (Public Financial Management System) : Know Your Scholarship Payment Status


Establish a web-based online transaction system for fund management and e-payment to implementing agencies and beneficiaries. The primary objective of PFMS is to establish an efficient fund flow system and expenditure network. PFMS also provides various stakeholders with a reliable and meaningful management information system and an effective decision support system.

Know Your Payments:

This is very simple or easy way to know your payment you just need to go on this website and click on the know your payments column and then you will see a little form just fill this form by enter your Adhar Card Number and Verification Code which is mention below to Adhar Card Column.




In 2008-09 Hon’ble Finance Minister announced the establishment of Central Plan Schemes Monitoring System to provide comprehensive Decision Support and Management Information to various Scheme managers responsible for administering Plan Schemes. Since then the scope of CPSMS has been enlarged to cover direct payment to beneficiaries both under selected Plan and non-Plan Schemes. Today several Scheme managers are using CPSMS to directly credit the bank accounts of implementing agencies and beneficiaries.

CPSMS is also being used in several Schemes covered under the recent initiative of Direct Benefit Transfer.

What is CPSMS

The Central Plan Scheme Monitoring System (CPSMS) is a Central Sector Plan Scheme of the Planning Commissionwhich is being implemented by the Office of Controller General of Accounts in partnership with National Informatics Centre. The scheme has established a common transaction-based on-line fund management and payment system and MIS for the Plan Schemes of Government of India. The platform has now been extended to State Governments for effecting payments of plan funds received directly at the State Treasuries.


CPSMS has operationalized an active interface with 90 banks (26 Public Sector Banks, 59 Regional Rural Banks and 5 major Private Sector Banks) to provide immediate validation of bank accounts, prompt electronic credit to the beneficiary’s bank account and bank reconciled expenditure statements to the implementing agencies.

With 139 Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS) and more than 800 Central Sector Schemes (CS), along with State Plans and Additional Central Assistance (ACA), the CPSMS is managing funds in excess of Rs.3,00,000 crore annually. The system is geared for fundmanagement and e-payments for Plan/non-Plan Schemes of the Government of India and report utilization under these schemes at different levels of implementation on a real time basis.

Objectives of CPSMS

Establishment of an efficient fund management system:

Disburse funds from the Central Civil Ministries to States / Special Purpose Vehicles (societies) / Autonomous bodies / NGOs.

Effect payments to ultimate beneficiaries of the Schemes, including Aadhaar based payments though National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI).

Disburse payment and maintain a record of component-wise fund disbursement from Special Purpose Vehicles (societies) / Autonomous bodies / NGOsto subsequent implementing agencies and individual beneficiaries in the States/UTs.


Establishment of an effective expenditure information network:

Maintain a centralized database of all implementing agencies administering various Schemes at Centre / State /District /Block / Panchayat/Village level and managing government funds.

Report on details of beneficiaries receiving payments, including details of Aadhaar based payments, geographical location, total Scheme-wise amounts received etc.

Capture activity-wise/component-wise fund utilization by implementing agencies at various levels under various Schemes of Government of India.

Provision of financial services in an integrated manner including a validated bank reconciled statement on utilization of funds to all implementing agencies.


Reforms in the area of Public Financial Management:

Move from the prevailing prescriptive fund release system to ‘just in time’ fund release, minimizing float with the banks thereby leading to better cash management.

Transition from a credit push (a-priori release of funds to various implementing agencies) to debit pull based fund transfer system in which a debit to central pool is triggered only when payment instructions are issued on the system by implementing agencies.

Progressing from the current system of booking fund releases as ‘expenditure’ to a system of booking fund releases as ‘transfers’ and actual utilization reported from the implementing agencies as ‘expenditure’.

Providing on-line status of fund utilization on a real time basis, both for the funds devolved through the Treasury route and SPV route, leading to a better Decision Support System for Plan schemes.


Public disclosure:

All relevant information can be put in the public domain following the principle of maximum public disclosure.

Implementation Strategy

The scheme is being implemented through a web based application developed and deployed by the O/o Controller General of Accounts which leverages its well established accounting and financial reporting application viz. COMPACT & e-Lekha and the interfaces developed with the banking system.All Ministries / Departments are required to register the details of agencies / individual beneficiaries receiving grants from Governmentof India on the CPSMS application along with their bank account details.


Sanction-IDs are generated on the portaland sanction orders are generated, DDO incorporates the bill number and the paying agency enters the payment detail against the Sanction IDs. The payment details arecaptured by the system on a real time basis. The Sanction ID module is fully functional in all Ministries of the central government thereby creating a comprehensive database of all implementing agencies and individual beneficiariesreceiving funds undervarious Schemes of the Government of India.

CPSMS supports fund management and e-payment through a secure integration with Core Banking Solutions (CBS) of 90 banks (26 Public Sector Banks, 59 Regional Rural Banks and 5 major Private Sector Banks). CPSMS for the first time in the area of public financial management is geared to generate a transaction-based, robust, reliable and transparent Financial Management Information System (FMIS). Unlike other MIS applications where financial MIS relies on post-facto data feeding, the fund utilization data in CPSMS has one to one correlation with the banking transactions effected by the implementing agencies. Thus, the FMIS available from the system has bank reconciled data on financial transactions on a real time basis.


All the 1st level recipient agencies of Central government plan funds are registered in the system along with their bank account details. Consequently reports on geographical distribution of Scheme-wise, Agency-wise, Sector-wise funds are available on a real time basis.

Over 9,50,000implementing agencies have already been registered on CPSMS portal. Around 3000 agencies are registering themselves on the system every day.

These agencies are using the CPSMS application for transactions covering both transfer of funds and e-payment to beneficiaries who have accounts in bank branches or post offices.

CPSMS has been fully implemented at the Central Government level and Plan Scheme releases from Civil Ministries / Departments of the Central Government are mandatorily routed through CPSMS with a unique Sanction ID.

Principal users of CPSMS include Planning Commission, Ministry of Finance, all Central Ministries, State Governments, program managers, banks and NGOs which receive funds from the Central Government.

E-paymentthrough CPSMS (direct transfer to accounts of beneficiaries) has been implemented successfully in Bihar under MGNRES covering over 40,000 beneficiaries and over Rs.1000 crore. E-payment is also expected to start soon in Odisha under NRHM, SSA and the Mid-Day Meal schemes.

Various State Governments have shown interest in using the CPSMS application for disbursement of their social welfare benefits.

CPSMS is linked with NPCI and has successfully effected the first Aadhaar based payment under Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) in Puducherry district of Tamil Nadu.

To get information on the funds disbursed by the Central Government through the State Treasuries, an interface has already been made operational with Maharashtra Treasury. Similar interfaces with the Treasuries of Madhya Pradesh and Odisha are also underway.

Hon’ble Finance Minister in his budget speech 2012-13 has announced the expansion of CPSMS for tracking all fund releases from Government of India. In line with this mandate the scheme will be rolled out in a large number of schemes during this financial year.

Public disclosure of the relevant data through a dedicated public information portal is also on the anvil.

CPSMS in Policy Documents:

Fiscal Policy Strategy Statement 2012, Ministry of Finance

Approach to the Twelfth Five Year Plan, Planning Commission

High Level Expert Committee on Efficient Management of Public Expenditure

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